The Gift of Future Health: Video content campaign

25th August 2016

“The Gift of Future Health” for Aptamil marks the next film in our series of healthcare marketing films for for this early life nutritional health brand. Once again, we were called on by partner agency, The Real Adventure, to produce a marketing video for their client.

The 2-minute film shows how mothers have the opportunity to give the gift of the best start in life to their children. The film highlights the fact that genes only play a small part in a baby’s future, and that the rest is down to the parents’ actions. From talking to the baby during pregnancy to giving them a taste of adventure. The viewer learns more about the pregnancy journey, and how to secure a baby’s future from conception and birth through to toddlerhood with the right nutrition and care.

“The Gift” video takes centre stage on Aptamil’s Aptaclub website, a great example of content marketing full of pregnancy tips and advice for new parents from an expert team of midwives, nutritionists and feeding advisers.

Our creative team worked closely with The Real Adventure (now Prophecy Unlimited), not only bringing their concept to life but also ensuring that there was consistency of look and feel with the other AptaClub content. The appropriate art direction was critical to ensure that that this new video worked as an effective part of their existing suite of content. We created the storyboard for the film, suitable styling, and sourced the cast of babies and toddlers, and locations in the UK and Spain.

Watch the film now:

Watch “Feed their Future” below, our previous Aptamil film. This really highlights how we have developed a consistent style for the brand’s campaign. The award-winning video features an innovative use of sound; the viewer actually hears what the baby will become in the future. Then ends with the tagline; whatever this may be, they need the right nutrition to allow them to fulfil their potential.

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