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Branded Marketing Video Content

As the world becomes crowded with content, the best brands understand that they sometimes need to think like publishers. They must create engaging and genuine branded content that goes beyond brand messaging and puts their audience first. That’s where we at Hurricane come in!

We create branded videos that cuts through the noise and tells brand stories to people that have seen enough adverts. From challenger brands to global leaders, we reach and connect with audiences through award-winning content marketing, video production and insight-driven video marketing.

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Our Branded Video Production Experience

We are ex-TV documentary makers with decades of experience in combining fascinating storytelling with brand goals.

We created a branded film for Red Bull that documents the rise of the global street art movement, using the central story of ‘See No Evil” in Bristol. The film helped Red Bull to position the brand in a cultural space and was the first of two street art projects that we created for them. We’ve also created several branded videos for Huawei, in the marketing of its latest P Smart smartphone.

The Hurricane team has been around the world creating brand led content marketing campaigns. We’ve climbed Kilimanjaro as part of a healthcare marketing campaign for global medical brand Sanofi; the project followed a group of patients with type 1 diabetes as they faced a gruelling climb up Kilimanjaro. Our film was the central asset in a social media campaign that drove brand awareness in the medical markets. It was so successful that we went on to make 5 addtional branded videos, with T1D patients climbing to the wonders of Machu Pichu, across the frozen Icelandic tundra, through blistering heat in Greece and more.

Branded video content reinforces core brand messages; it can form the heart of a marketing campaign, be used as companion content for a TV advert or as mid-funnel content that builds deep connections with an audience.

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