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Are you looking for a YouTube management agency to improve the performance of your YouTube channel, to produce great social content, or to maximize the ROI of your YouTube ads… well look no further, you’ve found the experts!  We will help you hack the YouTube algorithm to deliver outstanding results.

The fact that your brand needs a YouTube channel barely even needs mentioning. After all, the platform is the world’s second-most visited website and “YouTube” is the third most popular search term on Google! But planning, managing, and optimizing the perfect channel takes insight, experience, and know-how. Which is where we come in.

“People turn to video for inspiration and guidance, education and entertainment.” – Youtube


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Youtube Management Agencies

Hurricane is one of the leading YouTube management agencies. We are video marketing experts with YouTubers, channel producers, and SEO’s on our team who have all created highly successful YouTube channels. We have curated a team with a combined skill set of production and channel management. All to grow your subscribers, improve your ranking on Google and increase YouTube views. Our MD likes thinking about video strategy so much that he’s even written two books about it!

Take a look at the YouTube content we’ve made for consumer brands like Costa, Cow & Gate, and Sykes Holiday Cottages, as well as for charities like Shelter and The Salvation Army, and B2B brands such as Airbus and Autodesk.

What we can do for you

So why choose Hurricane? Not only do we have proven expertise in creating successful paid YouTube ads and growing organic audiences on YouTube. But what really sets us apart from other YouTube management agencies is that we make exceptionally great films. It is this experience in producing award-winning videos that will appeal to potential collaborators whilst ensuring that your brand is associated with high-quality content.

At the heart of what we do is the knowledge of how to build a subscriber following & engage with your customer base. We also have the experience to increase the performance of your channel with YouTube Optimisation and SEO presence. We research the best-performing keywords, thumbnails, and titles for all of your content and ensure that everything links to your website or campaign page. In a highly competitive space like YouTube, getting those things right can make all the difference.

Furthermore, given our history of creating award-winning videos,  we can develop and produce content that will show your brand and products in the most favorable light.

92% of internet users watch some kind of video content online each week…

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