Engineering Video Marketing – how to engineer success for your business

20th November 2013

The engineering product or service your business has created is spot on. It meets your target audience’s needs and wants. You know it and can’t wait to share it.   Now you need to ensure your audience discovers your product and chooses it above others in the competitive global market.

Video marketing is here to get the job done.  With 93% of marketing professionals using video and 82% finding that video has had a positive impact on their business in 2013 (Third Annual Video Marketing Trends Report, 2013) it’s widely accepted now that video has a crucial place in the content marketing mix. One of our own customers has found that people watching their video are 5 times more likley to buy.   But how can you use engineering videos to maximum effect?

Read on for our tips on using video within a content marketing plan to engineer a place at the top for your business…

Engineering videos – the differentiator

Video marketing is an effective way to differentiate your engineering product. It’s useful for engineers and their marketing teams as it can communicate complex ideas and turn them into engaging visual content.

Compelling video content emphasises the features and lines of a product, but it can also use emotional story-telling to show the benefits. How will this make your audience’s life better? Why should they work with you instead of another engineering firm?

How stories and technology work for engineering brands

Story-telling combined with filming technology creates engaging content. In terms of filming technology, we have used automotive and technology 3D models, timelapse, architectural fly-throughs to give products an edge for our engineering clients.

As an example of how technology can work for engineering brands, we helped CPME, a recycling technology firm, make a big impact at a trade show with a DVD in stereo 3D.  Video is exciting as there are always new ways to innovate and surprise audiences.

High Definition 3D filming usually comes with a high price tag, but we developed new workflows and proofing techniques to deliver a 3D film to a new audience, whilst keeping costs down.

At the same time, it’s important for engineering products to be differentiated through story-telling with emotional resonance.

When we worked on a video advert for BMW, we did not just show the engineering features of the car, we told a story. The film took the car from a rainy traffic jam in the UK to the adventurous landscape of Nambia, where the car was put through its paces. BMW brand values were reinforced and consumers were buying a lifestyle as well as a vehicle.

It’s the job of your video production house or marketing agency to discuss this with you so that you get the right video techniques for your product.

Video marketing – get more for your budget

But marketing budgets are being squeezed, and so a video in itself may not be enough. You need to ensure that your video is seen and shared by the right people, as part of your content marketing plan. We’ve picked out some of the key ways we help clients maximise their video content.

Content and editorial plan

Indeed instead of creating one video, a series may be more effective being released and seeded to a planned timetable. You should have an editorial plan in place so that you know when your content is being teaser trailed, released and followed up. In this way, you can maximise the chance of seeding and sharing your videos widely.

When we worked with CPME, on the video for an exhibition, we helped them build in a teaser direct mail campaign. Delegates were sent a 3D movile trailer which created a buzz before the event and worked to attract them to the stand.

Video SEO

Everyone knows how important it is to get your brand up the search rankings of engines such as Google.  But search engine optimisation or SEO, can be confusing.

After Google’s latest update, the Hummingbird, we need to rethink how we optimise video content. It’s even more important to think about your audience and how your content is answering their search queries rather than a simplistic keyword optimisation.

Social media – You must ensure that your video is shareable via social networks, as these shares act like thumbs up to Google that your content is good. At the very least, encourage them to share the content. You can also offer them the chance to interact by encouraging user generated content, for instance Instagram pics with a campaign hashtag.

Context – The context of your video is important too, so embed it on landing pages with keyword-rich, relevant text. You can also integrate your video content with your news stories. Engineering firms have rich pickings of newsworthy stories, such as new clients, partnerships, equipment, R&D, in niche publications and guest blogs.

Mobile – The Hummingbird is a response to how people search on mobile, so make sure that your video is mobile friendly.

Digital PR and seeding

There are a number of techniques that can be utilised to help to amplify a campaign. Digital PR, such as blogger outreach, bought, owned or earned media, or any combination of approaches will typically be used to help drive views for a successful video marketing campaign. Check out our blog about seeding for more information.

Return on investment

As with every campaign, you need to closely monitor the effectiveness of your video marketing. Set targets at the start of the campaign, and keep tracking them throughout. You need monitor video views and shares, reply to any customer interactions, and then track and then analyse sales conversions. Certainly, you can increase ROI by combining your well-planned and audience-focused video with an intergrated marketing campaign.

How we can help engineering firms

If you need advice on any aspect of your video marketing campaign from creating visual stories to seeding your content and blogger outreach, please get in touch – we’d love to chat with you.

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