A brand film to tell a complex global story – WIPO

01st November 2016

Membership organisations and trade bodies often offer a complicated range of services for global clients, which are difficult to convey during presentations, business pitches or even on their website. That’s where a brand explainer video can come into its own to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ what they’re all about. Recently we created such a film for WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

As the global forum for intellectual property services, policy, information and cooperation, WIPO deals in complexities, so they wanted video content that would clearly show what they do and importantly how they can help their users.

Trade organisation film – the creative pitch

As creatives ourselves, we were excited about the opportunity to work with an organisation whose mission is to help other creatives protect their concepts by securing intellectual property. Like our clients, the IUCN, WIPO are based in Geneva, Switzerland, and invited us to participate in a 10 way pitch for their latest brand film.

Our creative idea was chosen by WIPO, and the Hurricane team got to work story boarding and producing the film to convey their brand story. We hired 2 hand models to demonstrate what they do visually with our specially designed props, as well as through images we sourced. After a two-day studio shoot, we managed all the post-production, including voice-over and music.

The clear voice-over combined with our visual symbols really tell the WIPO story and clarify what this organisation does and how it can help protect creatives through intellectual property rights.

Watch our brand video for WIPO

WIPO are so pleased with the film that they’ve asked us to work with them again on future projects. We’re looking forward to sharing our next WIPO film with you, but in the meantime, watch our “What is WIPO?” video:

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