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Pharmaceutical & Medical Marketing Videos

Hurricane are leaders in healthcare video marketing, and we work with some of the world’s biggest medical device and pharmaceutical brands.  We are not just highly experienced in the craft of storytelling, we are leaders in communicating with engaging, medically accurate content. 

Our creative ideas are built around industry-leading insight, analysis and experience, so our clients are confident that the medical video campaigns we produce will deliver results.

We offer full medical marketing services; from Mode of Disease (MOD) and Mode of Action (MOA) animations to instructional films for healthcare professionals and product demonstrations for patients.

Our Medical and Healthcare Marketing Services
Our medical video production, including
3D medical animations, spans cardiology, dermatology, immunology and oncology, exploring issues such as pulmonary arterial hypertension, CRT, brachytherapy, malnutrition, paediatric nutrition and more. As a video marketing agency with a strong focus on pharmaceutical marketing, we have experience in creating scientifically accurate medical videos to suit all audience requirements.


Our team also had the opportunity to work with Bupa on a video series raising awareness of the steps the healthcare industry is taking to reduce its impact on the planet. These short films combined our medical marketing expertise and our passion for environmental causes. 

When it comes to pharmaceutical video content marketing, there are two distinct channels: consumers and HCPs. At Hurricane, we excel at creating engaging content for both, and can help you develop one-off awareness campaigns or a comprehensive content hub. For more on this, check out our blog on content marketing for pharma here.

Medical Information Videos

On a consumer level, we’ve delivered a diverse range of medical information videos, covering subjects from sweeteners to heart disease and puberty to dental care. Our medical marketing clients include Novartis and Sanofi, and we’ve recently worked with a partner agency, The Real Adventure, to create a high-profile video for children’s nutrition experts, Aptamil. Watch the video to get a flavour of what we could do for your pharma marketing campaign.

Why use video in medical marketing?

In a profession that relies heavily on accuracy, procedure and research there is a lot of important detail that needs to be conveyed through marketing, whether to doctors, medical professionals or consumers. Think medical journals, reports and huge sheets of instructions – essential but so dry and who actually reads all of this and absorbs it?  Video is the most accessible way to bring these details to life and communicate them clearly to a global audience. Plus, Video can easily cross language barriers with the help of subtitles, making your content infinitely more accessible to all medical audiences.

Video content marketing for Doctors and other HCPS

No matter how qualified they may be, doctors and healthcare professionals are normal people too. They face the same distractions and life challenges as all of us. They are also affected by their emotional senses just as much as their rational, thinking ones. From a video marketing perspective, this is an important point that can be leveraged to help us drive behaviour change in our audience.

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Much of what we’ve created for the pharmaceutical and medical sector is not for public consumption. Still, if you get in touch, we would be more than happy to explain how we can collaborate to produce the perfect healthcare, medical or pharma video campaign for you.

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