Volvo V60 Polestar Social Video

Our automotive video marketing campaign, ‘A racing car for everyday life,’ aims to build an emotional response from the viewer, by telling the core story from a son’s perspective.

We produced the film content for the social media campaign. The final video featured across all of Volvo UK’s social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It formed the basis of a wider user-generated marketing campaign, which encouraged Volvo owners and fans to get involved by submitting their own child’s drawing to the collection, and possibly win a Volvo V60 driving experience.

We ran the complete production on the video, from planning locations, creative direction, casting models, filming on the day, all the way to refining the final edit.

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The results

This social media campaign was a great success and response to the video from Volvo V60 fans was fantastic!

You can read more about this marketing project and catch up with our other social video insights on our blog.

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