Your Future in Automotive

How do you inspire the next generation of engineers to pick up the gauntlet and shape the mobility industry of tomorrow?

Automotive engineering is evolving, and evolving fast. From green technology to driverless cars, it’s a field that offers a huge range of opportunities to graduates.

Our client FISITA (the trade association to promote excellence in automotive mobility) asked us to create a short video for their ‘Your Future in Automotive’ campaign, in order to capture the excitement and potential of this fast moving career path.

We knew that this film needed to challenge the audience. We wanted to counter the preconceptions and imagery normally associated with the automotive industry in order to engage the younger target demographic.

Starting with a short impactful script, written in-house, we produced content that would really grab the graduates attention and keep them watching to the very last frame. Our team created and sourced imagery to support the key messages, and then combined these with subtle motion graphics and text animation.

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The results

Our final film features as the lead content on the 'Your Future in Automotive' splash page with the strapline, "Where will you take us next?" This recruitment video will also be distributed internationally to drive interest in careers in the mobility industry.


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