I work for National Grid

Attracting top talent calls for a meaningful approach to recruitment – and a powerful recruitment video that champions your company’s diversity and inclusion values is a must.

National Grid reached out to us to create a series of films that would help inspire future industry leaders to start their career in the technology and engineering sector. It was equally important that these films highlighted their diversity and inclusion message.

What we did

Working collaboratively with the National Grid marketing team, Hurricane devised a narrative focused on the message that young people working at National Grid can bring their real selves to work and that their differences can help them in the workplace, celebrating individuality in a positive way.

National Grid provided a shortlist of interesting young people who worked for them and we interviewed and researched them – planning and directing a shoot that represented their life and them as a person.

The recruitment video encapsulates the individual stories of the young people that make up their workforce, culminating in the statement: ‘I work for National Grid’.

The results


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