Barclaycard PayWag Viral Video

“Barclaycard has launched PayWag, the first contactless payment device for dogs.”

Or have they?

We were approached by Barclaycard’s digital agency, Dare, to create a video for a content marketing campaign.  An April Fools’ spoof video about #PayWag, an NFC chip embedded in a collar that enables dogs to make purchases.

The objectives of this financial services marketing viral video were to:

  • Create a spoof which was convincing in its authenticity to maximise the opportunity for coverage on April 1st
  • Establish this financial services brand as having a sense of humour
  • Reinforce the key message of contactless technology making payments easy

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300,000+ Video views
2000+ Social mentions
4 weeks Project turnaround

The results

This viral video campaign soon gathered momentum. By early in the morning of April 1st, the video had quickly amassed over 20,000 views. The results were impressive on social media too. The video racked up 717 'Likes' on the Barclaycard Facebook page every hour on the first day of release, quickly becoming the most popular 'dog video' on this social channel.

The video currently has over 300,000 views, and shows the power of content marketing that's driven by a strong creative concept with well-planned digital PR and video seeding.

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