Stereoscopic 3D Film for Canon

We worked on the stereoscopic 3D documentary for Canon Expo in Paris, delivered through globally respected communications agency Imagination.

The film set out to explain how 3D works, show its use in professional applications, and to give visitors to the Canon Expo in Paris an insight into Canon’s 3D solutions and capabilities. Shown on loop in 3D at the Expo in both French and English versions, the voiceover and graphics had to be delivered in both languages, with subtitles added over an English speaking interview.

Cars, buildings and graphics elements were modelled in 3D before being composited into a stereoscopic space. Live action filming took place at Jaguar & Land Rover’s virtual reality centre, showing how 3D is used in automotive design.

The video above is the 2D version but you’ll need anaglyph glasses to see how the 3D looks. If you don’t have any glasses why not give us a call and we can send you some in the post.

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The results

The Canon expo in paris was a huge success, with people queuing to get into the 3D film as it formed such an attraction.

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