Aptaclub: The Gift of Future Health

Our film shows the vital role mothers play in giving their child the best start in life

The brief

“The Gift of Future Health” is part of a series of healthcare marketing films for Aptamil. Our partner agency, Prophecy Unlimited, asked us to produce this corporate marketing video for their client after our successful collaboration on an earlier brand film, “Feed their Future”.

The video needed to show the vital role mothers play in giving their child the best start in life, and how parents influence a baby’s future from conception through to adulthood with the right nutrition and care; whether that’s improving their communication skills or giving them a taste of adventure.

Prophecy developed a script and storyboard and we worked closely with their creative team to transform the concept into a 90 second brand film.

Our concept

It was critical that there was a consistent look and feel with the wider AptaClub branding and content marketing. We worked to bring the creative concept to life, but also ensure that this new film worked as an effective part of the existing suite of videos, with the appropriate storyboard, tone and styling.

We handled all the logistics, including securing locations in the UK and Spain, and sourcing the cast of babies and toddlers.

The campaign

The video was launched and seeded by Prophecy Unlimited, and took centre stage on the Aptaclub homepage. Specially commissioned short edits were also distributed across key Aptaclub social channels to drive additional traffic to the top line brand video.

Watch the final video

The results

In addition to the full 90 second version, which sits at the top of the Aptaclub YouTube channel, we produced various edited versions. The films have had an accumulation of over 500,000 views, and the engagement statistics for them have been particularly impressive.

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