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19th March 2011

We are increasingly talking to agencies about how to engage an audience with video at events. This is becoming ever harder as brands at events have to cut through a market place cluttered with video and other messaging. One hot topic is always interactivity so I thought I’d do a quick post with some of the key technologies and thoughts around at the moment.

We already deliver stereoscopic 3D for exhibitions and events and this can be incredibly successful as it attracts an audience, gives them an experience and retains people much longer that other films. But there are many new technologies that move this forward to the next level. Having a viewer interact with the video really is the best way of adding impact and there are a few new systems worthy of mention.

The first system to discuss is Panasonic’s D-Imager, you can see a video by the manufacturer. We’ve been watching this system on a 150″ Panasonic screen down at PSco who have some amazing AV technology for rental (see clips below). What’s really exciting about this system is that it can be combined with stereoscopic 3D systems to jump engagement with an audience to the next level. The Screen shown in the films below is an active 3D system and can be used with control systems to combine gesture based viewing with stereoscopic 3D images.   A viewer can now see a 3D model such as a car and rotate around the vehicle for a number of viewing angles, using a menu they can also change things such as the cars colour or trims.  It’s all exciting stuff!

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