Halloween inspiration – horror movies and marketing campaigns

31st October 2013

Happy Halloween. What are your horror movie plans for this evening? Did our Creative Director, John, inspire you to watch a Sam Raimi movie?

As films are our passion, we’ve more horror video inspiration for you. Read on to discover which Halloween marketing campaigns and videos have inspired our Post Production Manager, Dan Leonard…

1. Treehouse of Horror XXIV Couch Gag by Guillermo del Toro

The Halloween opening of The Simpsons is directed by one of my favourite directors, Guillermo Del Toro. This Simonsons‘ Halloween couch gag is packed full of horror movie references.


How many horror movies did you spot? If you get stuck, they’re all listed in this Simpsons feature.

2. One Last Dive

My next Halloween video pick is this one-minute film that draws on classic horror movie conventions to deliver a well-constructed scare. This video was part of the 3.07am project which features four other short horror films. Not for the feint-hearted.

3. Walking Dead Season 2 marketing stunt 

Lastly, here’s a memorable marketing stunt for the Walking Dead TV show from a couple of years ago. It uses the romantic movie genre to give the viewers a false sense of security…

Which Halloween content marketing campaigns have inspired you this year? Let us know.

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