Digital signage – Some interactive and effective DooH campaigns – ‘Digital out of Home’

26th October 2011

Digital signage has never been more popular, a study by ABI Research predicts that the market for digital signage will grow to $4.5 billion by 2016 from $1.3 billion in 2010. As digital signage continues to becomes a more commonly accepted way for brands to communicate with both their consumers and employees I thought I’d put together a blogpost looking at some of the more innovative uses of Digital out of Home technology from some of the brands truly embracing the various technologies.

Screenreach interactive DooH driving game

Screenreach recently created a huge interactive driving game on a digital billboard at London’s Westfield shopping centre. The game, which is played and controlled via the Screach App was created for car insurers Players could customise their vehicle and control the game via the motion controlled app on their mobile device. The interactive experience players receive can be seen below:

The Volkswagen Beetle – ‘Juiced up with AR’

This ‘Out of Home’ campaign from VW Canada mixes traditional billboard advertising with a bespoke augmented reality app so that when consumers view the billboards with their mobile devices or tablets they see the new 2012 Beetle launching itself through the billboards, jumping off massive ramps, smashing through bus shelters and apparently emerging from huge tunnels carved into the side of the buildings carrying the media. The campaign by Omnicom-owned Red Urban Canada can be viewed here.

Ventuz – Interactive multitouch

Multitouch technology has come on with leaps and bounds in recent years. The Ventuz platform which is commonly used by broadcasters needing to display realtime 3D graphics can be seen in use on shows like Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and the BBC’s Formula One coverage.  One of the primary advantages of the Ventuz platform is the ability to draw in live data or camera feeds directly into a presentation. The ease of use of the platform, and it’s widespread use in projection mapping projects means it’s likely that we’ll be seeing more and more of it in the years to come as advertisers embrace the technology for their DooH campaigns. The video below demonstrates some of the capabilities of the platform:

The video below shows the use of touchscreen devices running Ventuz to manipulate stereoscopic 3D models in realtime:

As the market for digital signage grows, and the number of locations serving the media increases we’re receiving more and more requests for interactive Dooh solutions. As advertisers and brands seek to stand out from the crowds. Requests for content for digital 6 sheets / Rail D6, media walls, Transvision screens and LG Arena Digital Screens are still proving ever popular. Increasingly we’re also getting requests for content which is gesture driven or integrated with some other mobile device to deliver a richer more engaging experience to consumers.


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