Case Study – Hermes Timelapse Video

12th August 2014

Hermes wanted to showcase their new state-of-the-art facility and deliver the message that they were leading the way in this new approach to logistics. A timelapse of the interior as it was being constructed was the perfect way to do this.

In a natural setting timelapse filming can be a spectacular way to document changing landscapes and skies. In a construction environment it captures the intricacies and scale of an operation, providing an ideal way of illustrating how a complex piece of architecture is built.

A big project like this is not without challenges! We experienced first hand what it was like working in potentially dangerous environments. Factoring in Health and Safety and regular risk assessments was a big part of daily work on site.

Diplomacy among site managers and construction workers was key to enable the smooth running of the project without causing disruption to Hermes staff.

But our main challenge was in positioning the cameras in (hard to reach) places that would capture the scale of the operation!

The Results

Hermes included the final video in client presentations to convey the scale of construction work that was undertaken.

A ‘live stream’ was broadcast online, offering a great way for overseas stakeholders to view the progression of the work and to keep up-to-date with what’s going on.

View the video here.

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By Jon Mowat


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