Medical video marketing – use your head and follow your heart

09th January 2023

“There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart,” so said Charles Dickens. In my experience, if you acknowledge this and combine the strengths of both, you’ll have a successful medical video marketing campaign on your hands.

The medical sector is filled with reviews and regulations, so it is easily forgotten to emotionally connect with your audience whether you’re targeting patients or medical professionals. But healthcare and medical devices are all about helping people in their daily lives and there is a real appeal in this if you can capture it.

How can you combine the emotional side of healthcare which illustrates the human impact with logical arguments – the states, the facts- which help to reinforce why people should choose your product over others?

Doctor smiling at her patient

Get personal

According to Pew, 24% of consumers seek help and information from those with similar conditions online. Therefore, case studies can work to add authenticity to your claims. The benefits of a new stoma device were visualized in a campaign we created. Patients fitted with the product were interviewed about the transformative effects on their lives. These effects were then brought to life by shooting scenes of patients playing sports – impossible prior to this medical advancement.

Combining stats and smiles

It would be a mistake to completely eliminate the logic. The trick is to combine the arguments that appeal to the head with those aimed at the heart

For example, in another case study I worked on we were briefed to show the benefits of a new chlorine-dispensing device. We interviewed nurses in an Italian hospital showing footage of them smiling and explaining how they wished they could spend more time with patients to meet their targets more effectively. This effectively brought the impact of frontline services to life.

However, the anecdotal accounts were not enough in themselves. We reinforced the emotional impact with statistical details on how the devices had dramatically lowered infection rates. The emotional and logical sides worked effectively here to create a powerful message.

Buying cycle

The key is to use the appropriate approach at the right stage in the marketing cycle. Once people have engaged with your product emotionally, they are more likely to trust you and take the time to hear more about the details of your product.

Thirty to sixty-second films with top-level messages can work well as a first touch to engage the customer at a more human level. Longer, more statistic-heavy films are effective once people have already engaged with your story. Medical motion graphics, whether in 2D or 3D, can come into their own here to explain complex procedures which are difficult to imagine.


  • Don’t forget you are selling to people first and foremost whether you’re business or consumer-focused
  • Use case studies to reinforce the benefits of your products
  • Start with an emotional connection and back up the anecdotal with hard facts
  • Use different videos at different stages of the buying cycle

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