Videos we love for Valentine’s

11th March 2015

You may have noticed that Valentine’s Day is coming soon… so we thought it was timely to ask the team to share the love for films or video marketing campaigns they’d spotted recently. We hope you love them too.

Let’s start with John, our Creative Director’s choice, Mr Selfie. He’s become more and more aware of how obsessed we all are with our devices (and he’s been trying to put down his phone as much as possible). This animation really gets the message across in a humorous and sometimes scarily accurate way.

Mr Selfie from weareseventeen on Vimeo.

Tom, our editor, opted for this music video. For him, it’s a really well-thought through mix of performance, projection mapping and emotive design. And of course, we’re always impressed by the mastery of the single take.

Although it’s been around for a while, we think it’s still worth sharing our studio manager, Juliette’s choice – 108 Years of Herman Miller in 108 seconds. She loves it because the illustration of the furniture is simple which helps emphasise how iconic these pieces are, each recognisable with only a silhouette in most cases.

Finally, let’s end with a spot of cuteness with Budweiser’s Superbowl commercial – Lost Dog. This ad is a followup to last year’s “Puppy Love”, the most shared ad on Facebook of all time. It’s a simple story about the relationship between #BestBuds – a dog and a horse and what happens when the dog goes missing from the farm. The video is highly compelling and memorable, highlighting the brand values of best buddies shairng a beer together (without showing buddies drinking beers) – and it features the cutest dog and horse friendship ever.

Have you seen any videos recently which have made you take notice? Let us know.

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