Videos making our Creative Director’s week

20th December 2013

Which video campaigns have caught the attention of our Creative Director, John Lanyon?

Prepare to be inspired…

1. Volvo Trucks РThe Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)

A masterclass in how to create a short, punchy video that both entertains and conveys a great brand message at the same time.

This Volvo viral video forms part of a campaign of 10 short films that outline features of their new range of trucks.

So far the whole series has really impressed, but this is by far my favourite. It combines Jean-Claude Van Damms’s love of self-depreciation with a really beautifully shot piece of video magic and a strong brand message!

We also love the teaser which is a little nugget of spoof video gold…

These videos work particularly well because they form a campaign series, with the audience being encouraged to engage with the brand long-term.

2.Design Starts Here – Elias Freiberger and Echoic Audio

Design Starts Here from Echoic: Music and Sound Design

No hard marketing message here, just a beautifully produced film and some ear-poppingly ethereal music from our friends over at Echoic Audio. I really love this video, and if Elias’ graduation project is anything to go on, he’s one to watch in the motion graphics world. It’s always fantastic to see new talent emerging.

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