Video Production Agencies: A List of Top Agencies in the UK

08th June 2023

With countless video production agencies scattered throughout the UK, selecting the right is a challenge. That’s where we come in.

We have researched and curated a list of top video production agencies in the UK. Before we get to the good, let us explore the benefits of collaborating with an agency as opposed to handling everything internally.

Benefits of Agency Over In-house

1. Better ROI

Investing in video production can bring you significant returns, provided you choose the right agency. If you have limited resources, hiring an agency is a cost-effective way to save money, as it is usually cheaper than hiring in-house staff.

2. Professional Advice

Agencies have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry. We offer you professional advice and guidance on the best video production strategies to help you achieve your business goals.

3. High-Quality Video

Agencies produce high-quality videos that are efficient, effective, and of professional quality. This will help you to stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

4. Increased Brand Awareness

A well-produced video can go a long way in increasing brand awareness and recognition. By hiring a video production agency, you can create videos that showcase your brand in the best possible light and reach a wider audience.

Successful Video Projects Produced by UK’s Top Agencies

Take a look at this list of successful projects by video production agencies in the UK. These case studies showcase various methods used to tell the stories of businesses that have achieved success through effective video marketing.

Splendid- Greggs (Vegan Sausage Roll)

Splendid is a diverse team of creatives who have an impressive portfolio of content. Based in London this team has the skills and resources to deliver results.

One of Splendid’s most notable campaigns for Greggs was the launch of their Vegan Sausage Roll in 2019.  This campaign was the culmination of five years of effort to build the brand for a modern audience.

The Brief:

Greggs called in Splendid to help build a positive sentiment for their brand. They wanted people from all backgrounds to enjoy a visit to one of their bakeries.

The Strategy:

Splendid crafted a unique voice for all of its messaging that highlighted Greggs’ relatable qualities. The highly anticipated release of their Vegan Sausage Roll resulted from a well-executed series of product campaigns, which were informed by market insights and designed to maximise the brand’s social media influence and expand its presence in mainstream media.

The Results:

The results of their work were impressive. Coffee sales for Greggs increased by 50%. The launch of the Vegan Sausage Roll generated unprecedented levels of brand awareness and consideration, with 6.2 million organic video views, 1.4 million unpaid social engagements, and over 1,200 pieces of coverage.

Theory Films- Heinken (Open Your World)

Theory Films is a London-based company who have been creating films for brands and companies since 2009. With a focus on creativity, quality, and attention to detail, they work closely with clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life on screen.

The Brief

Heineken commissioned Theory Films to direct and produce a 3D cinema and TV advert for their ‘Out of this World’ campaign.

The Strategy

The shoot was divided into two parts: the live-action shoot and the 3D graphics. They began by capturing live-action footage, constructing a luxury penthouse balcony on a massive greenscreen sound stage where they filmed party-goers enjoying a fireworks show. Next, they shifted their focus to animation. By partnering with an animation house in Paris, they created scenes that depicted the sensation of flying through space. These scenes were integrated into the video, adding a touch of magic to the final product.

The Results

The result was a visually stunning and captivating video that captured the essence of Heineken’s brand. Due to their exceptional work, the video was not only broadcast in the UK but also rolled out in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

3. Hurricane Media  (Mission: Sustainable Health for Bupa)

Now, we can’t make a list of the top production companies without including ourselves.

We take great pride in our work and strive to take on projects that have the potential to make a meaningful impact. When Bupa presented us with this opportunity, it aligned perfectly with our values.

The Brief:

Our team was tasked with developing a comprehensive strategy, production, and activation plan for a social video campaign that would effectively showcase the proof points underlying Bupa’s new global sustainability strategy.

The Strategy:

Our engaging and informative content targeted audiences on YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, with clear and concise messaging that avoided industry jargon. We cast Malaika Vaz, a renowned wildlife filmmaker and Nat Geo explorer, as the lead narrator and presenter of the series. We then filmed across the UK, Spain, and Australia to capture key Bupa personnel and influential external voices to build a compelling story.

To maximise the campaign’s reach, we developed a media strategy that began with the campaign creative, specifically designed to optimise search results from the YouTube algorithm. This approach increased views, drove subscribers, and generated click-throughs to the site. Our paid campaign and organic posts worked cohesively to achieve Bupa’s goals, with short-form teasers created to generate interest in the full episodes and a playlist designed for “deep dive” viewers.

The Results

The campaign is live and the results have been impressive, with 3.2 million combined views to date, exceeding all targets. 58% on average watched to the end of the film, with 40% the YouTube benchmark. The paid campaign delivered a rate of £0.01 per view, confirming the efficacy of both targeting and content.

4. Skeleton- BDO (Pull Up A Chair Let’s Talk About Race)

Skeleton is a dynamic company that crafts content that resonates with brands’ target audiences. Established in 2004, the organisation has since expanded its reach to five continents and collaborated with numerous brands.

A prime example of their work is the global accountancy firm BDO’s campaign to initiate meaningful dialogues on the topics of race, diversity, and inclusion.

The Brief

The message that BDO wanted people to take from this video was to be courageous and to step forward and ask questions about racism. They wanted to empower others to feel comfortable having difficult conversations and to speak out against discrimination within the workplace.

The Strategy

Skeleton opted for a video campaign aimed at BDO’s primary audience on LinkedIn. LinkedIn tends to prioritise personal accounts over brand accounts. For increased visibility and engagement, they crafted 15-second snippets that could be easily shared by individuals on their channels. This approach amplifies the message and empowers users to add their unique perspectives and commentary to the clips. Skeleton created powerful clips of BDO’s BAME employees speaking directly to the camera sharing issues within diversity and inclusion.

The Results

This content garnered an average of over 6,000 organic views within the first few days. Its reach was truly global, as it was shared across networks spanning the entire world. Additionally, BDO’s channels experienced a 46% increase in engagement.

5. Magneto Films- Anthony Nolan (Charity Brand Video)

Magneto Films collaborates with charities and third-sector businesses to create impactful video campaigns that raise awareness of critical issues.

The Brief

Anthony Nolan is a leading blood cancer charity that commissioned Magneto to produce a brand video. The charity wanted a film that would help explain their name and history but also looks forward to the support and research they offer and telling the stories of some of the people they’ve helped.

The Strategy

Magneto Films used a technique known as ‘many voices, one story’. This approach involves blending scripted contributions with spontaneous remarks to create a seamless narrative that offers multiple perspectives on a single story. Their team achieved this by conducting pre-shoot interviews and using the interviewees’ own words to tie together the thoughts and emotions of four or five individuals into a brand story.

The Results

This video showcased the inspiring stories of two cancer survivors, a donor, Anthony Nolan’s chief nurse, and their lead research scientist. By utilising the ‘many voices, one story’ technique, they were able to create a powerful and moving narrative that captured the essence of this organisation.

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