Top 5 World Cup Automotive Ads

23rd June 2014

The World Cup always sparks a raft of TV advertising campaigns and competition is fierce. For brands it’s a great opportunity to be more creative, unique and memorable whilst collective spirits are high (and people are less likely to turn over the channel!).

Whilst the creative knob is cranked up to 11 for a lot of World Cup ads, there is also usually a tried-and-tested formula underpinning the ad strategy, and it goes like this:

  • Be uplifting and tap into that higher than average national morale (until England gets kicked out!)
  • Include a football legend
  • Err on the side of blokey-ness (being realistic about the captive audience you are targeting)
  • But use it as an opportunity to create awesome ads that can be appreciated by anyone.

Here are five of this year’s World Cup automotive ads we think deserve some recognition:

1. This Citroën and the ‘Sleeping Supporter’ ad focuses its World Cup spin on promoting the brand’s sponsorship of Les Bleus, the French national team.

2. Hyundai are aiming to stand out from the crowd this year by focusing on the passion of the fans, rather than the athletic endorsers. “The theme we’re working with is: as loyal and as passionate as fans are about their nation, or about their team, Hyundai owners are about their Hyundais.” #BecauseFutbol.

3. Volkswagon believes the World Cup offers the right audience to tout its performance-oriented GTI. The ad campaign pushes to counter Hyundai, who have been the official FIFA automotive sponsor since 2002.

4. Since earning himself a social media reputation as football’s all-round coolest guy, this Jeep ad has utilised the Italian Pirlo, branded now as the ‘Wizard’ with his incredible accuracy.

5. Honda aims to strike a ‘proud to be British’ chord amongst England fans with their ‘Impossible Dream’ ad.

Which do you think are the stand out from the crowd World Cup ads this year? We’d love to hear from you.

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By Jon Mowat


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