Top 10 tips on getting your first video marketing role

31st May 2014

Are you looking for a video marketing role? Learn from our Edit and Production Assistant, Dan. As a UWE student, Dan was inspired by our MD, Jon Mowat, who gave a guest a lecture. After enthusiastically applying for work experience, Dan soon secured a job with us at Hurricane Media.

Read on for Dan’s top 10 tips on how to get a video marketing role.

1. Find work experience as soon as possible and get as much as you can. When I saw all the CVs in Jon’s inbox, I really understood how competitive the industry is. “How to get a job in television” by Elsa Sharp is useful and really put me in a good frame of mind to find work experience and organise myself appropriately to do so.

2. Get out and make as much stuff as possible. Don’t wait for a project to come up – even if you’re just practising, it could be useful to you. The Filmmaking and Creative Media course at UWE is really what you make of it and I think the more time you put into it, the more you will enjoy it.

3. If you want to write, direct, produce – learn the theory of how to write a screenplay and tell a story – it’s really interesting and really will improve your films.

4. When experts from the field come to advise you, listen! If you want the films you’re making in uni to go anywhere you need to structure them well and be bold.

5. Don’t leave your coursework all to the last minute – keep on top of it and you will love the course. Sometimes really good students can end up getting average grades because their timekeeping was poor.

6. If you’re an editor it might be worth looking into learn Premiere Pro, which I’ve found really useful.

7. Use industry websites, such as Creative Cow and for learning about techy stuff like cameras and editing, and try’s screenwriting tutorials. I wish I’d known about these when I was a student – they’ve really helped me out.

8. Get involved with film festivals and see for yourself what they’re looking for. Why not volunteer at Encounters Film Festival in Bristol?

9. Ambition is critical in this industry. If you want it badly enough you will get it, but you’ve definitely got to work for it. I have and it really has paid off!

10. To get where you want in life you need to be in the right place at the right time, so be everywhere! (don’t be lazy).

How Hurricane (and Dan) can help you use video

By Jon Mowat

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