Three of the best social media advertising campaigns

28th December 2022

The social media landscape is saturated with brands vying for attention and it’s harder than ever to make sure your message cuts through the noise. That’s why many brands like yours turn to video advertising to get your message across.  

So what does it take to create a truly genius-paid video campaign?  Throwing a big budget behind your ad will only get you so far – what you really need is a paid social advertising strategy to maximise results (more on that here). You’ll also need a first-rate creative that speaks to your target audience’s needs in a way that gets you noticed.  To give you some inspiration, we’ve collated examples from businesses around the internet that have got their creative exactly right.

How to nail it as a non-profit

International charity WaterAid used an emotive video earlier this year to overcome the barrier that many charities experience who fund work overseas. 

UK audiences often do not feel as close to the cause they are supporting as they might with charities that work closer to home. 

The powerful video, titled ‘What Jack Gave’ tells the story about the legacy we could leave behind and the lives we could change by leaving charity gifts in our will. 

Changing the narrative on legacy gifting carries potentially massive financial gains for the charity, and social media was a key component in the campaign’s success. Through the use of video, the brand successfully engaged a cold audience using the strength of the creative assets – with leads growing 134% on previous activity.

We have a host of great examples of our work in the charity space here. If you’re a non-profit looking to harness the power of creative film-making, check out our award-winning work for the UN World Food Programme

Social media apps on an Iphone

Making an entrance on Tiktok

Earlier this year, Tesco showed the world exactly how to launch your brand effectively on TikTok with the best example we’ve seen of a paid social media advertising campaign for Gen Z.

The grocery giant entered the arena with its first-ever post, calling for users to compete to become the next automated check-out voice by duetting with the original video; otherwise known as a “duet hashtag challenge”. The challenge quickly gained millions of views and thousands of entrants, with the promise that the winner would be posted across the brand’s own channels too. 

Why does this work? Well, first off, it’s fun. Tesco implicitly got what younger demographic TikTok users are looking for and created a simple challenge with the potential to go viral. But this campaign would have gone nowhere without a hefty spend behind it to get the ball rolling and entries off to a start because, as a rule, that’s just not how the algorithm on TikTok works – generally TikTok wants you to follow trends, not start them. This is a great example of the importance of ad creative and social media advertising strategy working hand-in-hand for success. 

Video is key to retail success  – find out more about our work in this space here

Making a health product stand-out

In the post-lockdown world, we are more germ-conscious than ever before. If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that how we behave and what we buy can make a real difference in the spread of illness. Enter Dettol, with a disinfectant spray that is aimed, not only at protecting you from germs but at making you feel safe during a turbulent time too. 

Launched across Twitter, Meta, TikTok and YouTube with the perfect recipe of creative and paid media that maximised reach across multiple target audiences, Dettol’s Disinfectant Spray became an essential trusted household item that you would have to be living under a rock to have missed.

This campaign is textbook, combining storytelling, product proof points and a strong call to action to buy the product, capitalising on the public’s increased screen time during the pandemic and our desire to isolate ourselves and our loved ones from any sneak harmful bacteria residing in our homes. 

At Hurricane, we work with some of the world’s biggest healthcare brands to create engaging video campaigns. Find out more here.


Hopefully, the examples here have got the cogs whirring on how you might execute your next social media advertising campaign, but don’t feel like you have to do all of the hard work alone. At Hurricane, we specialise in end-to-end video production – from initial concept, right through to strategy and activation – so the earlier you get us on board, the better. 

We’d love to have a chat about your social media advertising strategy. Get in touch now.


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