Spreading UNEP’s green economy message

17th April 2019

One of our passions at Hurricane is working with NGOs and UN organisations to help them cut through and spread their environmental messages with engaging video content. So we were delighted to work with UNEP (UN Environment) on a campaign promoting the green economy to their target audiences.

UNEP is the leading global environmental authority with a mission to provide leadership and encourage people to care for the environment and protect it for future generations. Its marketing team approached us with a challenge. The brief was to create a video content campaign that would engage targeted nation-states in the Eastern Neighbourhood region to learn more about and engage with the ‘Green Economy’.

Strategic video campaigns

We embarked on strategic market research to assess the emotional triggers of the target audiences, what content types would work most effectively, and where would be the best place to distribute the videos. Our team found that short-form content seeded via geographically targeted social channels would hit the mark.

A short animation with a clear message was chosen as the right approach for this video campaign. Liaising closely with UNEP’s marketing team, we wrote a humorous and concise script that would work to spark interest and encourage the audience to get more involved.

Our creative team developed a colourful, engaging storyboard to convey the message. Accomplished UK illustrator, Dave Bain was brought in to help develop the striking visuals in the video.

Watch the film now:

The results of our animation

Presented to a huge audience at UNEP’s global conference, the animation attracted a fantastic response. We are now scheduled to launch a targeted social media campaign later this year and the spot will also be featured on select TV channels in the selected countries.

If you’re an NGO, UN organisation, charity or a brand with a challenging brief, get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your goals with video.

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