Spotlight on fashion brand Ted Baker’s video strategy

31st March 2017

Mobile video content that allows customers to browse clothing, peruse at different angles, and click to buy seems like a dream for fashion brands. And now with the joint forces of 360 degree and shoppable video, this marketing strategy is well within reach.

The time is right to create shoppable video campaigns before your competitors take advantage. A leader in using new tech creatively is British high street fashion retailer, Ted Baker. The brand released a tongue-in-cheek video marketing campaign filmed by director, Guy Ritchie last year, “Mission Impeccable”. At the time, Craig Smith, global brand communications director, said the end of the video was very much a “to be continued…” as shoppable content is a long-term investment. The brand takes the approach of integrating digital and in-store marketing rather than spending budgets on TV ads and celebrity endorsements. It’s a marketing strategy that is getting results.

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An integrated video marketing campaign

Now the brand is using shoppable video content again combined with 360 degree video and Instagram Stories in its “Meet the Bakers” campaign. We are invited to keep up with the stylish Baker family in a spoof sitcom set on Tailor’s Lane where suburban life is not all it seems. The campaign weaves a narrative across all digital and social channels as well as in-store. Via the various touchpoints, viewers are engaged emotionally through the desire to uncover secrets as in a TV drama.

360 shoppable video

Below is the campaign film which introduces the characters of the Spring/Summer campaign and reinforces the wider Ted Baker brand story with its quirky personality.

The video invites users to “nose around” further in their 360 degree video, which sits at the centre of the campaign. This interactive content is hosted on Facebook and on a campaign-focused website, which viewers can explore and uncover the secrets of the street and, even more importantly, buy the clothing.

360 degree video helps drive engagement and sales as it puts the viewer in control. As an extension of our personal self and identity, psychological studies have shown that users feel more affinity to things that they control. Therefore viewers will engage with 360 at a deeper level and this connection becomes even more powerful when coupled with shoppable video. One recent Google study compared a standard ad with one in 360 degrees which makes a strong case for the latter as it achieved 42% more shares, likes and subscribers.

Instagram Stories

Yet another level of narrative is built on social media using Instagram Stories, which are used to engage the audience by discovering gossip about the suburban street. Continuing the sitcom/soap opera the Instagram Stories are screened in five “TV channels”.

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The content on Instagram Stories encourages the audience to get involved and interact with the characters and incentivises with the chance to win prizes. The 360 degree video capability on Instagram is also used to promote their shoppable interactive film. 

The moving video image is proving more engaging on social than still visuals; in fact, the organic reach is higher with native video on Facebook. The brand also kept the campaign fresh by creating original content on their advertising channels of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to avoid viewers switching off.

360 In-store Activation

Ted Baker places importance in integrating digital and ecommerce with its bricks and mortar retail stores, and the Meet the Bakers’ narrative continues offline too. A 360 degree film was shown in-store with Google VR headsets. Added to this, in a selection of stores, there was a window display which when touched activated a camera and a sharable gif of the customer with the Bakers.

Help content for fashion brands

“Help content” allows brands to key into user intent, or what customers are searching for. Ted Baker’s YouTube channel is well laid out visually and filled with high quality content. Nonetheless, we can see a place for adding useful content for the audience – how to wear this season’s dresses or wedding style tips – to attract new users via niche search terms on YouTube.

Time to go for a shoppable video strategy?

The potential for shoppable video and 360 degree video is clear for brands, and when they are combined, it is a powerful component in fashion brands’ marketing strategy. As we’ve seen in this showcase on Ted Baker, the brand story, audience and purpose must be strong for the tech to have an impact. But this year, we see a real opportunity to link ecommerce with video content to get ahead of competitors. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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