How to use Pinterest for video marketing: our top 10 tips

18th October 2013

Pinterest is all about the visual, and inspiring visuals at that. But it’s a mistake to think that it’s just about pictures, video very much has a place on this social media channel.

Why share your videos on Pinterest?

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network, only behind Facebook and Twitter. A recent report has shown that it’s the second largest referral after Facebook – 3 x more than Twitter. So, whilst it may not be for all brands, this social media marketing channel is worth considering.

How exactly can you use Pinterest to help video marketing?

Read on for our top 10 tips for video marketing on Pinterest…

1. Describe your video

A picture’s worth a thousand words so they say… but a picture and 500 characters is what Pinterest gives you. Make sure you use your description space wisely with a good keyword rich description of your video. Add a clear call to action and you’ll have users watching and repining. You can also use hashtags to help your videos get found.

2. Add video in board or pin titles

You want people to watch your promotional videos, so go back to basics and add the word ‘video’ to your pin or board titles. People can search a Video Category in Pinterest, so by adding the word ‘video’ you can also highlight that it’s video content for those who are specifically searching for videos.

3. Be pinteresting – it’s not all about you… 

Search Pinterest for video content to like, comment and share on your boards. It’s a good way to increase your following, make connections and plain old social media etiquette. It’s not all about you, you know (well not all the time!) Make it count by following and connecting with influencers in your field.

4. Videos show your personality

Pinterest really allows you to showcase the personality of your brand – what you love, your creativity, your ethos. A great way to do this is via video content revealing behind the scenes of your brand combined with photos and links to blog articles.

5. Encourage people to share

Just as with all your other social media channels, you need to make it easy for people to share your videos. Add a pinit button next to your videos to encourage people to get over to Pinterest to pin your video.

6. Pinterest video marketing campaigns

Pinterest and video can make a rather good integrated marketing campaign. Did you happen to see the campaign for safer driving from insurance firm, They created a campaign about the dangers of driving in high heels, and then asked users to pin pictures of the most elaborate shoes that they wore driving. What an engaging, but simple to execute, way to get the message across.

7. An enticing video thumbnail image

As Pinterest puts such a focus on the visual, you need to choose an attractive thumbnail image to encourage people to click and watch your video content.

8. Add a url

Remember to add a url to your video so that users can watch your videos in the context of your website or blog too. Don’t use a shortened url as Pinterest has been known to mark them as spam.

9. Video length

Pinterest lovers are there to get inspired and browse and share images. Therefore shorter videos will probably work more effectively on Pinterest. However, you can still add how tos or longer videos, perhaps signalling them as such and combining them with other content.

10. Track how well your video content is performing

Pinterest can be fun, no doubt about it, but as with every social media channel you’re on, you need to be monitoring and tracking results. It’s not all about followers, but check the referrals back to your site, and the kind of video content which is generating traffic.

Want to create pinnable content?

Pinterest is all about inspiring content, and that’s really where video marketing comes in. If you want to talk about ways we can help your brand use video to inspire your audience, contact us for a chat.

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