Going global with an explainer animation for Mauve Group

29th November 2018

Animated explainer videos can achieve so much more than even the best article of static copy. They have the power to show, rather than tell, the complexities of a proposition in a way that engages and sticks.

Our recent project for Mauve Group, which offers solutions to the challenges of global expansion, provides a perfect example of how animated explainers can really work for a brand. They asked us to create a video that demonstrates who they are, what they do, and how they can help their customers.

The project’s goal was to increase brand awareness, by educating viewers about what Mauve Group offers and engage new prospects with a strong visual look and feel. The brand has people at its heart, and it was important to emphasise this in the video, showing how they help people move, secure jobs, and set up businesses in new locations.

Producing the explainer animation

Our team took care of all aspects of the production, including developing the storyboard, design, animation and organising the voiceover and music. We also designed bespoke animated characters, which really bring the human side of the brand to life.

There were specific factors that we had to take into consideration when developing the animation. It was likely that it would be translated, especially for the Spanish speaking markets, so the video had to be cross-cultural to meet the needs of this global audience. In addition, the animation had to work without sound, whether viewed at noisy exhibition stands or on social media. Therefore telling a clear, visual story was essential.

Mauve Group told us:

“Our initial brief to Hurricane was by no means an easy one. With a global network of companies and clients spanning different cultures and languages, our video needed a broad appeal and the ability to adapt to multiple platforms … However, from the first conversations with Hurricane, we knew we had found a video partner willing to work with us collaboratively, and crucially, one that began the creative process by listening, not telling.

“One of Hurricane’s great skills is their ability to draw an appealing, human story out of even mundane, difficult, complicated or niche subjects – and the story they have created for us manages to appeal across borders. The video has received countless compliments from clients, partners and events attendees worldwide – not only has it become our “elevator pitch” for sales purposes, it has become woven into the fabric of our branding and has informed the way in which we think and talk about our business from a marketing perspective.

“Hurricane has managed this project expertly from beginning to end and we are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with them towards such a successful outcome.”

Watch the video now and let us know what you think:

We are now re-versioning the animation into Spanish and Welsh (which is Mauve Group CEO’s native language).

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