DIY-ing your social media advertising campaign? No. Just don’t.

03rd January 2023

Everyone knows about social media, right? We all use it in our spare time, so of course, you can run a social media advertising campaign yourself, right? No. Really sorry, wrong. 

The complexities of running a social media ad campaign are mastered with experience over time, through trial and error, especially when platforms are constantly evolving and some of them can be a law unto themselves (eh hem… Facebook). Even if you and your team have planned the most engaging, emotive and eye-catching campaign, if it’s not set up or managed well, then it can all have been for nothing and you won’t get the results you expected. 

The team at Hurricane are experts in this field – our background in professional video making, from TV adverts to medical explainer videos, means we are well-placed to create truly brilliant social media advertising campaigns and manage them on behalf of brands. In this way, you and your team can focus on the leads created. 

But a DIY campaign will be cheaper?

Yes, on the face of it, there are no agency costs but think of all the hours you’ll spend crafting the perfect messaging, setting up the ads, building a target audience, testing the ads etc. This also assumes that you already know how to use the ad manager for each platform and that these platforms don’t randomly update and change without warning (spoiler: they like to do this a lot) or have loads of bugs that cause problems that you have to spend hours trying to rectify. 

Thanks to these adaptations, in the long term, you’ll spend more money running the campaign yourself. It’s also highly likely that your first ads will not be very successful, so you’ll spend more on your media budget to re-run the ads and try to improve them than if you went through an agency. This is why DIY social media ads are a false economy. 

Your time is better spent elsewhere in the business.

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Let us make you look good

Outsource your social media advertising campaign and you’ll benefit from our team’s collective learning and specialisms. We work for a huge range of clients meaning that we can guide you through the process and create a campaign that will perform better from the start.

We can create a short-form video that tells a story to really catch your audience’s attention. Shot to a high, professional standard and formatted to the correct sizes for all placements e.g. newsfeeds, stories, in-article promotion etc. We want your campaign to represent your brand in the best possible way and to reflect well on you. 

Once a campaign is up and running, that’s when the hard work really begins. We manage our campaigns daily, analysing the results, tweaking the audience and conducting product management on your behalf. We’ll make sure that the tracking code (pixel or insight tag for example) is installed properly and firing correctly to get accurate results. 

We will provide you with recommendations and report on the right metrics in a format that you can share with your business. In short – we want to make you look good.

Check out our favourite social media campaigns for inspiration.


Whether you think about it or not – you outsource to experts all the time. You wouldn’t try to DIY your own dental work – or make your own sausages – so why DIY your social media advertising campaign? If you can outsource to an agency, then do! Don’t teach yourself a whole new profession and spend hours agonising when it’s not working. We’d be more than happy to discuss your goals for your campaign and deliver results for your business. 

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