Digital signage – video inspiration of the week

06th March 2014

Digital signage is an area which we love working in, and so we’re always on the lookout for inspiration and technological advances.That’s why we loved seeing this witty, innovative dooh ad from Sweden circulating this week. Watch to see what happens when the tube train enters the platform (even if you’ve already seen it, check it out again).

The digital ad used ultra sonic sensors which could detect when the train arrived and move the model’s hair around. Very stylish.

Digital signage puts pizza on the table

Digital signage has moved from the wall to the table in selected Pizza Hut restaurants. Customers can design pizzas and play games on their table. The ads connect with customers’ mobiles adding extra personalisation and allowing them to pay for their meal without asking for the bill. It will certainly help the brand engage with customers in a fun way and build relationships. Would you like to eat from a digital ad table?

Automotive digital advertising

This digital out of home ad for BMW is a class act. The automotive brand used digital projection and motor sensors which transformed cars into traffic (that’s 248,368 cars) passing by into BMWi concept vehicles of the near future. The concept really illustrates how their product could help transform the environmental impact of cars.

Which digital ads have turned your head this week?

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